Trade Board seeking to get more exporters to utilize 9 preferential trade agreements to get their goods into larger global markets

The Trade Board is seeking to get more exporters to utilize 9 preferential trade agreements, to get their goods into larger markets across the world.


The Trade Board manages the agreements and certifies products which comply with the Rule- of-Origin-Criteria which allows the goods into those countries for which there are agreements.


The preferential trade agreements have a number of benefits, to include allowing goods into the country’s duty free or with less duty applied.


Trade Administrator and CEO at the Trade Board Limited Dr. Major Hugh Blake says at least five of the trade agreements are significantly under-utilized.


These are: CARICOM/Venezuela, CARICOM /Colombia, CARICOM/Dominican Republic, CARICOM /Cuba and CARICOM/Costa Rica.


He explains that some of the agreements were operationalised some 20 years ago, yet exports under those agreements are anaemic.


He said in recognition of the situation the Trade Board has developed a step up export with trade agreements campaign to improve exporters knowledge of the various trade agreements.


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