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Four males died in a motor vehicle crash in Westmoreland on Sunday evening. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old boy died following a three-vehicle crash on the Bickersteth main road in St. James on Saturday. Dead is Kyno Atkins of Johnson Common in Bickersteth.
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This brings to 5 the number of stolen motor vehicles recovered by that division over the past 3 months. Commanding Officer Superintendent Hopton Nicholson, says two men who were occupying the stolen car, have been taken into custody.
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Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton says the majority of the 410,000 people who visit accident and emergency departments are treated and sent home. Dr. Tufton notes that not all the 24 A&E departments in the island can provide all the care that patients require. As such, there is a system to assess the services needed to determine if the patient should be kept or transferred to another hospital.
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Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has assured that government is taking steps to improve services offered at primary health centres, or clinics, so that more patients can get treatment there and reduce the burden on hospitals. The matter was raised last evening, during a social media live forum on accident and emergency departments, and how these units function.
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Police have charged a St. Ann restaurant supervisor, in connection with the alleged theft of patties and coco bread, amounting to more than 3 million dollars in losses. 34 year-old Shana Llewelyn, of Exchange, in Ocho Rios in St. Ann, is charged with larceny as a servant and simple larceny.