Manchester Councillor condemns murder of PM’s Youth Award recipient, Ceejay Cunningham

Councillor for the Bellefield Division in Manchester Mario Mitchell has condemned the murder of the 2022 Prime Minister’s Youth awardee for Excellence in Agriculture Ceejay Cunningham.

The 29-year-old farmer and tiler of Chantilly district in Manchester was killed in Davyton, in the parish, last evening.

Reports are that at about 6 pm Cunningham also called “Colour” was among a group of men at a house, doing tiling, when gunmen approached, and opened fire at them.

Cunningham and another man were hit and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The other man has been admitted in stable condition.

Councillor Mitchell in condemning the incident said Cunningham was a promising individual.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Award is the highest award conferred on Jamaica’s youth who achieve excellence in their respective fields.


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