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IRIE FM Music Awards is a radio program awarding the best and most popular elements of our music and culture during the past year.

Celebrating almost 33-years of playing only indigenous Jamaican music, IRIE FM, the island’s leading radio station, became a media powerhouse by embracing the art form of those artists who were never given a chance to be heard on radio. Today, IRIE FM – Roots, Rocking, Reggae Radio will continue its mission to honour our own.

On Wednesday, March 1, tune into IRIE FM for the live broadcast of The IRIE FM Music Awards!! Live only on your Roots, Rocking, Reggae Radio! and across our social media platforms.


Early Years:

• The IRIE FM Music Awards first started on Valentine’s Day, February 14, in 2006.
• It was the brainchild of senior radio presenter Ainsworth ‘Big A’ Higgins who had been a long-time advocate for the awards. He led the team for three years – 2006, 2007, and 2008.


• On February 8, 2023 the IRIE FM Music Awards was launched during the station’s Wake Up Call and E-Buzz on air programmes where the complete list of nominees was announced.

Nomination and Voting Process

• The Nomination include IRIE FM and other radio and TV personalities, industry players, and journalists. The voting process has three levels which include a team of industry professionals, and an auditing firm to ensure fairness and transparency.

• Final voting for the IRIE FM Music Awards was done on Thursday February 16,2023 in Kingston. A committee comprising of Industry professionals under the watchful eyes of the auditing firm, HLB Mair Russell attended the over two-hour session where the voting took place in 25 categories.

• The ballots were counted on Thursday, February 16, by the auditors, and the results are now under lock and key. No one else knows who the winners are.

The IRIE FM Music Awards is Sponsored by

• Massive Auto Parts
• Post to Post Betting

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