WRA asked to assess water phenomenon at the Rio Cobre

The National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA says it has requested that the Water Resources Authority WRA conducts further assessments of a phenomenon at the Rio Cobre, in St. Catherine.


This as NEPA says one of its teams has observed water emerging from an underground source approximately 300 meters upstream of the recreation bathing area at Zepherton, before merging with the regular water flow along the Rio Cobre.


It says this requires hydrological assessment by the WRA- the government authority with the professional and technical expertise for investigation and assessment.


The agency notes however, that it will continue to track the development while it awaits the assessment by the WRA.


Meantime, NEPA says reports of a pollution incident along the Bog Walk Gorge, spanning Flat Bridge to Zepherton, are not true.


It says that a technical team was mobilized to investigate the report yesterday, and after spending hours conducting assessments along the entire river space it has determined, that the report of a pollution incident is not credible.


NEPA explains that no physical evidence of any pollutant was found; there was no impact on the river ecosystems; and no upwelling of concerns received from residents.


The agency says in fact, anecdotal information to the team, is that the phenomenon has been occurring for upwards of six months at the location.


It says the team also observed persons happily enjoying the resources of the river, bathing, swimming, and wading in the water without discomfort.


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