Workers of Caribbean Products Ltd. resume normal duties following intervention in 2-day strike

Workers at Caribbean Products Limited, a member of the Seprod Group, have resumed normal duties.


This after the Labor Ministry intervened in the industrial action taken by the workers for 2 consecutive days.


According to the Ministry, it was able to broker a resumption of normality following the strike taken by some of the company’s production staff, over the last 48 hours.


It said the workers were expected to return to work for the 10 P.M. shift last night. 


The workers took industrial action in response to the proposed adjustments to their work schedule.


The National Workers Union had indicated that the company implemented a flexi work system without engaging the staff on the matter.


The upset workers had called for the flexi work system to be withdrawn and an agreement reached.


But Chief Executive Officer of the Seprod Group of Companies, Richard Pandohie, said the matter was not about flexi work but the introduction of a 4th shift system aimed at reducing the 7-day work week.


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