Westmoreland father grieves loss of his 3 young sons

A father is grieving the loss of his three young sons.

The boys, all under age ten, died in a fire which gutted their home in Springfield Westmoreland, last evening (September 4).

They have been identified as 7-year-old twins Jorden and Jordane, and 8-year-old Adrianno Laing.

Their 13year-old sister who was injured in the blaze, has been hospitalised.

Adrian Anthony Laing had been looking forward to his four children going off to school today (September 5), the start of the academic year.

In fact yesterday, he made a post on social media displaying his children’s uniform, and bags ready for today. In the post, he expressed gratitude that they were ready for the new school term adding that its not been easy as a single dad, but he was still holding holding on.

The children’s mother was reported missing over a year ago.

He says it has been rough and he has been a father and mother to the children.


However the children were not to head out this morning, as the three boys who were students at Sheffield Primary died in a fire last evening and their sister is in hospital.

Speaking with the media today an emotional Mr. Laing says his daughter’s condition is critical.

Meantime, sessions were held today at the Sheffield Primary School in Westmoreland to allow students to grieve.

Principal Vinette Malcolm says plans had been made for orientation, but that had to change after news came of the fire which claimed the lives of three students.

She says it was an emotional day for the students.

Ms. Malcolm says the children were respectful.

Reports are that sometime after 7 p-m, the children were at home with their father, when he lit a candle due to power outage.

Police say its alleged that the man went outside and later realized the house was engulfed in flames.

Efforts were made to rescue the children, however, only one was saved.

She was taken to the hospital where she is being treated.


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