Two brothers shot and killed in Williamsfield, Manchester

The Manchester Police have identified the two men who were shot and killed in a drive-by attack in Williamsfield, Manchester earlier this afternoon (September 16).

Dead are brothers Mark and Kirk Mclean, both of Cassava Piece in St. Andrew.

A worker on the Williamsfield leg of Highway 2000, was also shot and wounded in the attack.

Police reports are that shortly after midday the brothers and a woman were travelling in a Mercedes Benz motor car, when they stopped at a jerk centre in Williamsfield.

Further reports are that the brothers exited the vehicle and gunmen travelling in a motorcar opened fire hitting them, and the highway worker.

The brothers were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead, and the highway worker admitted.

Police theorise that the brothers were targeted.

Councillor for the Bellefield Division Mario Mitchell expressed shock at the incident, while noting that he is concerned about the migration of criminals into Manchester.


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