Trelawny Police to hand over man held in relation to murder of 5 family members in Chapleton, to Clarendon police

Rushane Barnett, the person of interest in relation to the murder of a woman and her four children in Chapleton Clarendon yesterday, (June 21), is to be handed over to the Clarendon police to be questioned.

Barnett was held by the police in Wilson Run, Warsop, Trelawny, last evening.

Police believe Barnett can assist in their investigation into the deaths of 34-year-old mother, Kemisha Wright, her 4 children; 15-year-old Kimana Smith, 10-year-old Shemari Smith, 5-year-old Kafana Smith, and 1 year old Kishaun Henry.

The 5 were found dead at their home in New Road, near Chapelton yesterday.

Their throats had been slashed.

Police theorise that the killings stemmed from a domestic dispute among family members.


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