Third policeman accused of killing St. Andrew tiler, denied bail

The third policeman accused of killing a St. Andrew tiler, was denied bail when he appeared in court, today (August 11).

23-year-old Constable Kemar Dennis is charged with the murder of 49-year-old Phillip Wallace.

Dennis is to return to court on September 6.

Defence lawyer Peter Champagnie said the bail denial will be appealed.

He argued that his client maintains his innocence, and that at the time of the incident, Constable Dennis was at the airport, about to leave the island.

Champagnie also argued that the cop did not attempt to flee the country, because arrangements for travel had been made months before actual departure.

Reports are that on July 16, Wallace was shot and killed, in red hills, by a group of men, said to be police officers.

Two cops, Corporal Miguel Ebanks and Constable Purcell Carter were arrested and charged with murder, earlier this month.

Ebanks and Carter remain in custody and are to return to court on September 6.

Dennis had been listed as wanted by the police, following reports that he left the island, shortly after the incident.

He was arrested upon his return from the USA last week.


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