Temporary locations identified to house Portland vendors impacted by yesterday’s fire

The Portland Municipal Corporation has identified three locations to house vendors who were displaced by a massive fire which destroyed the Musgrave Market and two nearby businesses, yesterday.


Chairman of the Corporation Mayor Paul Thompson says a marshalling yard behind the market will house ground provision vendors while the haberdashery will be facilitated at  the Neville Antonio Park.


Another site has been identified for the meat section of the market.


Mayor Thompson says 80 percent of the market was gutted by the fire.


Vendors lost millions.


The corporation says there are 253 registered vendors.


Vendors were invited to the corporation today to register and outline goods lost.


This process will determine how many registered vendors were affected.


It’s understood that efforts will be made next week to get the new sites set up for the vendors and that a meeting will he held with the vendors to update them on the developments.


The council is awaiting the completion of the fire investigations to move forward with certain work.


Mayor Thompson says some members of the private sector have offered to assist the corporation.



Meantime vendors who spoke with Irie FM News say they lost all their goods.


One vendor Chupence says he has been selling in the market for about 30 years.



Another vendor Miss Chloe who sells craft items says she has been selling for about 60 years.


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