Teachers protest for second consecutive day

Classes at some schools in several parishes have been disrupted for a second consecutive day.

This as scores of teachers remain off the job.

The educators have taken industrial action to highlight their dissatisfaction with how they are being treated, and how government is handling concerns about wages due to the public sector compensation restructuring.

Yesterday, school operations in at least 7 parishes were disrupted with some teachers not reporting for duty, while others staged a sitin.

Principal of the Yallahs High School in St. Thomas, Mark Malabver told Irie-FM News this morning, that classes have been dismissed as few teachers turned up for work today.

He added that the few students who also turned up were sent home.

Meantime, principal of the Bustamante High School in Clarendon, Wayne Evans said classes have also been disrupted at his institution with only 21 of some 60 teachers showing up for work.

He said only students sitting the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate, C-SEC exams are at school.

Meanwhile, placard-bearing teachers in Manchester and St. Elizabeth, this morning marched from the Manchester High School to the Education Ministry’s Region Five office in Mandeville.

President of the Jamaica Teachers Association (J-T-A) St. Elizabeth chapter, Mark Smith told reporters that teachers remain disgruntled.


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