Suspect charged in relation to the robbery of a Beryllium armoured vehicle in St. Catherine, last month

The suspect who was arrested following a major robbery in Portmore, St. Catherine last month, has been charged.


He has been identified as 24-year-old Shemar Yee, of Fairview Park, in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.


Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson made the revelation during a press conference this afternoon.


Allegations are that on Sunday March 19, security guards employed to Beryllium Limited, were servicing an Automated Teller Machine ATM, at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Portmore when they were pounced upon by Yee and his accomplices.


The assailants opened fire on the security personnel, who returned gunfire and sustained injuries in the process.


The gunmen fled the scene with an undetermined sum of cash.


Commissioner Anderson said Yee was later arrested and has been charged with twelve offences.


These include, Being a Participant in a Criminal Organization, Facilitating the Commission of an Applicable Offence by a Criminal Organization, Making use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony, Robbery with Aggravation and Shooting with Intent.


Yee’s court date is being finalized.


Six others have been arrested in relation to the incident.


Major General Anderson is warning criminals that they will not get away with crimes committed.





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