St. James Police following strong leads in probe of violence flare up in Mount Salem and Dumfries

The St. James police say they are following strong investigative leads in relation to the recent flare up of violence in the Mount Salem and Dumfries communities.


Since the start of the week at least 6 murders have been committed across both communities.


In the most recent incident last evening, one man was chopped to death in Dumfries.


He has been identified as 25-year-old Fabian Studdard of Canaan district, Dumfries and Smithfield district in Westmoreland.


Studdard’s throat was slashed and his left hand was severed.


He was pronounced dead at hospital.


Police have identified one suspect in relation to the incidents in Dumfries.


Meantime, over in Mount Salem, police theorise that the incidents may be linked to a long-standing gang rivalry that has resurfaced.


The community remains under a Zone of Special Operation, ZOSO.


Police have assured that they are monitoring the area.


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