Some Westmoreland hotel workers concerned about safety amid surge in crime; Tourism Ministry addressing concern

With the busy Christmas season now in full swing some hotel workers in Westmoreland are hoping for safer means of transportation to and from work.

This following a recent surge in crime and violence in the tourist destination, which has  recorded 113 murders since January.

One woman who works at a resort in the parish said she works during the nights and is often unable to source safe transportation to and from work, as many taxi operators have withdrawn their service due to safety concerns.

The hotel worker  expressed concern that more criminals will be out in the towns as the Christmas season gets busier.

Meantime, President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, JHTA, Robin Russell acknowledged that some members are affected by crime significantly.

He said efforts are being made to ensure that tourists and hotel workers are safe

And Senior Advisor and Strategist, in the Tourism Ministry Delano Seiveright said hoteliers are encouraged to have transportation systems in place for their workers.

He said attention is being paid to the issue to ensure measures are put in place for employees.


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