Some gov’t ministers and Opposition Leader welcome tabling of job descriptions for MPs and Cabinet Ministers

At least 2 government ministers have welcomed the tabling of the job descriptions for Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers.


The documents a green and a white paper were tabled in the Lower House yesterday by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.


The tabling comes amid public outrage about the recent salary hike granted to the political directorate and calls for accountability.


Some of the descriptions outlined in the ministry paper are to develop government policies, uphold the constitution of Jamaica and to promote public confidence and protect the integrity of government decisions.


The working conditions include -extended time away from home and family and high levels of stress.


Speaking at a Post Cabinet press briefing this morning, Minister of Industry, Investment, and Commerce, Senator Aubyn Hill said he is happy that the descriptions were tabled.


He said they will help to ensure accountability.


Meantime, Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles Junior said while the job descriptions are not easy to digest, they are important.


Meantime, Opposition Leader Mark Golding has also welcomed the job descriptions tabled in parliament yesterday by Prime Minister Andrew Holness for Ministers and Members of Parliament.

In response to the Prime Minister’s speech, Mr. Golding said his party will be participating in the discussions.


However, Mr. Golding has taken issue with one of the tasks of the Joint Select Committee.


Prime Minister Holness has indicated that the joint select committee is to peruse the job descriptions tabled, as well as to further develop the code of conduct for cabinet members that is already in place.


Mr. Golding said it would appear that the joint select committee is creating a code of conduct which he says is not customary.


Nonetheless, the opposition leader said he hopes a good code will be produced.


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