Small-scale ganja farmers from 16 communities to be allowed to sell to persons licensed by the CLA by April

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce says by April this year, small-scale and traditional ganja farmers from 16 communities across the country will be allowed to sell crops to persons licensed by the Cannabis Licensing Authority.


Portfolio Minister, Senator Aubyn Hill explained that this will be made possible through phase two of the ministry’s Alternative Development Programme.


The programme aims to prevent and eliminate the illicit cultivation of cannabis and channel the process through legal streams.


He said the 1998 action plan adopted by the United Nations General Assembly provides for the inclusion of such a programme through specifically designed rural development measures consistent with sustained national economic growth.



Mr. Hill added that the government is seeking to expand the ‘mother farm’ concept to the cannabis industry.


The concept aims to assist farmers in sourcing ready markets to sell their produce.



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