Several schools impacted after protesting residents mount roadblocks in NW Clarendon

Several schools in North West Clarendon were impacted by roadblocks mounted along some main roads this morning.

Among the thoroughfares affected  were the Moravia, Cave Valley, Alston to Spalding and Top Alston to Christiana main roads.

As a result, schools in Clarendon including Alston High, Spalding High, Spalding Primary and Knox College High were impacted.

Christiana High in Manchester was also affected.

Principal of the Spalding High school, George Henry told Irie FM News that scores of students were late for classes, but were admitted.

Those sentiments were echoed by Principal of Knox College High, Alex Bourne.

Mr. Bourne appealed to the authorities and residents to work to resolve the issue, so students won’t be further impacted.

Meanwhile, the Spalding to Alston main road in North West Clarendon has been partially reopened.

The roadway, which is among four which were blocked by residents this morning, was partially cleared by members of the Fire Brigade and the police.

It is not clear if the Top Alston, Christiana to Alston and the Silent Hill to Christiana roadways which were also blocked by residents protesting bad roads, lack of water  and lack of electricity, have been reopened.

Irie FM News understands that the residents used downed trees and other debris to block the roads.

The Manchester Police Division, which has jurisdiction over the area, said heavy equipment is to be dispatched to assist with the clearing of the roadways.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament, Phillip Henriques who residents claim has not responded to their concerns said efforts are being made to address the issues.

He said discussions relating to the Top Alston road are underway, but residents have to trust the process.


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