Seven people killed across the island between last night and this morning

At least seven people, including a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier, were killed in separate incidents between last night and this morning. 


Three of the murders occurred in Westmoreland, two in St. Andrew, one in Portland and one in St.James.


The deceased are 35-year-old Bryan Tulloch of Bath, 22-year-old Emron Hanson of Savanna-la-mar, 31-year-old, Carlington Glaze, of West End Negril, all in Westmoreland, 47-year-old Manjula Stewarton, of Seaview Avenue, Greenwich Farm, in St.Andrew, 37-year-old farmer Leighton Biggs otherwise called “Zeeks” of Lennox District in Portland and Major Bonnie-Paul Williams.


The identity of the seventh person has not yet been released.


In the latest incident at about 4:30 am, the JDF soldier was shot and killed by gunmen, in an attempted robbery of a motor car, near Ridge Way Terrace, in Millsborough, At. Andrew.

Hours earlier 47-year-old Stewarton was shot dead in Greenwich Farm.


Meanwhile in Westmoreland, Glaze was shot dead by gunmen at about 12:15 am along Love Lane.


Hours earlier, at around 8:30 pm Tulloch and Hanson were fatally shot by unknown assailants in Whithorn District. 


And the police say Biggs was stabbed to death in Orange Bay Portland at around 9:30 pm, while an unidentified man was shot and killed by gunmen in Mount Salem shortly after 8pm.


The police are probing the incidents.


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