Security Minister says “evil minded men” will not deter police from combating armed violence

Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, says the acts of a few evil-minded men, will not deter the police from effectively combating armed violence in the country.

He was responding to the brutal gun attack, yesterday (September 18), which left three people dead and six others wounded at a football game in Spring Village, Old Harbour in St. Catherine, and the recent attack in Spanish Town, which resulted in the deaths of a child and her father.

In a statement today (September 19), Dr. Chang assured that the government will continue to provide the police with the tools and training, to bring criminals to justice.

He said the new Firearms Act, which is expected to be passed into law, will help the security forces in the fight against hardened, gun-toting criminals.

Dr. Chang said the barbaric nature of mass shootings makes it even more urgent that the act be passed into law.

The new Firearms Act will provide a strong deterrent to persons who are involved in trafficking, diversion, manufacture, stockpiling and the movement of firearms, their parts, components and ammunition.

The act includes stiffer penalties for persons found guilty in a court of law, including life sentence for anyone found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm or a minimum 15 years before being eligible for parole.


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