Security Guard charged for failing to make a report in relation to Slickiana’s murder, granted bail

The forty-seven- year-old security guard, who is charged with misprison of felony, for allegedly failing to make a report, in relation to the death of social media personality Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend, was today (November 28) granted bail.

Rohan Rose was offered bail in the sum of $500,000 with two sureties, when he appeared, in the St. James Circuit Court.

Attorney-at-Law Martyn Thomas, who is representing Rose, told the court that he was not a flight risk, and that he will turn up for his trial.

Rose was ordered by Justice Andrea Thomas, to surrender his travel documents.

Rose was charged alongside thirty -three-old Rushwan Patterson, of Harvey River, Hanover.

Patterson is charged with murder, after Townsend’s body was found in the sea at Reading, St. James, on November 5.

The post mortem report revealed that she was strangled.

Police reports are that Townsend was last seen in Patterson’s company on October 30.

It is being alleged that there was an argument between them, and Patterson allegedly strangled her and disposed of the body.

A bail application is to be made for Patterson, on December 15.


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