Scores of persons again protest massive pay hike for politicians

Scores of placard-bearing protesters gathered near the finance ministry at Heroes’ Circle in Downtown Kingston, this afternoon, to register their disapproval over the massive over 200 per cent pay hike for members of the political directorate.


Last week, Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke announced that politicians would receive increased salaries under the restructured public sector compensation system.


This has caused widespread outrage and numerous groups have called for the salaries to be rolled back.


While, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that he would be declining the increase, but that all other members would receive the new salaries many citizens are still upset with this decision.


Persons of all ages and professions gathered and chanted for a roll back of the increase at the protest today and motorists stopped and honked signalling their support.


One protester said politicians should get the same increase as other public sector workers.



Meanwhile, another protester said while Jamaica can do without politicians, civil servants are needed and so the imbalance in the salary increases reflect an overall imbalance in society.



The Advocates Network which organized today’s protest says it expects to protest daily, between midday and 2 pm, until some form of accountability has been achieved.


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