Scores of motorists turn up at St. Ann Parish Court to pay outstanding traffic tickets

Scores of motorists turned up at the St. Ann Parish Court this morning (January 30), as they rushed to pay outstanding traffic tickets before the New Road Traffic Act comes into effect, on Wednesday.


Motorists have been given up until January 31 to pay all outstanding traffic tickets or face the penalties under the New Road Traffic Act.


One motorist at the St. Ann Traffic Court told Irie FM News that up to three hours after turning up at court he still had not gotten through.


He said the location appears to be understaffed.

first man 1 jan 30-23.mp3


He said he had to change his work schedule to turn up for court, but he thinks he might to have to come back another day.


Another motorist who noted that he arrived at the court from around 6 am, said he had to travel from Montego Bay to pay his ticket.


The motorist who noted that he also had to take a day off from work, said he was there to query a ticket he had already paid.


He called on the government to extend the deadline.


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