Scores of commuters and business operators affected by protest in St. Mary, this morning

Scores of commuters and business operators were affected following this morning’s (October 18) road blocks, in Port Maria, St. Mary.

Residents had mounted road blocks in protest over a lack of water supply and poor road conditions.

They used old tires and other debris to block roadways leading to several communities, such as Free Hill, Bailey’s Vale, Highgate and Sand Side.

Police said the roadways have since been cleared.

One resident who lives in Sand Side told Irie FM News, that he, like many others were unable to go about his daily business.

He pointed out that people were unable to go to work and students were unable to attend school as the alternative routes were also blocked.

And, a cook shop owner said the majority of her customers are transport workers.

She lamented that the roadblocks have resulted in these customers not showing up.

She however noted that despite her business taking a financial hit, she is siding with the protesters as the roadways are in dire need of repair.


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