Road Safety Council and TODSS urge motorists to travel with caution over Emancipendence holidays

Let’s do everything possible to stay alive over the Emancipation and Independence holidays.

That’s the charge from Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council Dr Lucien Jones.

While he notes the current downward trend in road fatalities is welcomed, Dr Jones is urging road users to remain vigilant and cautious.

Dr Jones is further urging motorists to follow the road code.

Meanwhile, the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) is also urging motorists to cut their speed and obey road signs while traveling over the upcoming holiday period.

TODSS President Egeton Newman cautioned that if road users are not careful, they risk adding to the already high number of crashes and fatalities, as well as placing extra burden on the hospitals.  

Newman also noted that the current heat wave, increased alcohol consumption, lack of rest, traveling from an event, and fatigue, are all a recipe for disaster on the nation’s roads. 

Newman urged citizens to continue practicing safe driving so the downward trend in road fatalities this year can continue.


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