Residents still reeling from effects of Rio Cobre fish kill, almost a week later

Almost a week after a chemical spill in the Rio Cobre led to a massive fish kill, residents of nearby communities are still reeling from the effects.

One of these communities is Kent Village where residents have been protesting about the impacts of the fish kill on the community.

Some of the residents say fishermen are unable to ply their trade, residents have to lock themselves inside due to the odour from the chemicals and businesses have to be closed. In addition thousands of residents have no water.

On Sunday Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation Matthew Samuda toured the area and highlighted that steps will be taken to aid residents and prevent a recurrence of the incident.

However, despite those actions by the government residents say they are suffering and their daily activities have been significantly inconvenienced.

One resident said she has had to bring her daughter to the hospital due to the odour affecting the community.

The woman also noted that her mother’s restaurant has also been closed.

Meanwhile, fisherman Alvin Chambers who explained that he was part of the clean up process for the 7th time, said he had to endure burns to his skin reportedly due to the chemical in the water.

He said his livelihood has been tremendously impacted and it will take him another year before he can return to fishing.

He said it has also impacted back to school preparations.

He called on residents in other parts of the parish to join in protesting against the fish kill.


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