Residents of Portland and Clarendon protest over poor road conditions

Member of Parliament for East Portland Ann Marie Vaz has expressed frustration that after numerous calls for resolution, residents of Fairy Hill and surrounding communities continue to experience dust nuisance, absence of piped water, and poor road conditions.


This, following a protest by residents who mounted roadblocks this morning, leaving scores of commuters including children stranded.


The residents say the issues are caused by works associated with the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project in the eastern section of the parish.


Addressing the issues, Mrs. Vaz said it is most disappointing that little attention has been given to the matters by the parties that can assist.


She reiterated her call for the National Water Commission, NWC to advise citizens on the state of the water supply and to provide sustained trucking of water as needed.


Mrs. Vaz also implored the China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC to ramp up the wetting of the road in an effort to alleviate the dust nuisance in the area.


This morning’s protest was the second in as many months, taken by residents to register their frustration.


Following the last protest in March, CHEC had assured residents that the company would ramp up efforts to minimize the dust nuisance, but one businessman from the community told Irie FM News that the situation has not improved.


Meantime, there was another protest over road conditions in Clarendon.


Taxi operators who use the main road from May Pen to Chapelton mounted road blocks and withdrew their service today.


Fallen trees and huge stones were used to block the road, preventing commuters including students from reaching their destination.


The operators say there were other protests and promises were made by political representatives to have the road repaired, but those promises have not been kept.


One taxi operator Georgie says it’s costing a lot for vehicle maintenance while using this roadway.


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