Residents of Jerusalem Mountain in Westmoreland want intervention to stem crime, following incident which left 3 dead

Following a shooting incident which resulted in the deaths of 3 people in Jerusalem Mountain in Westmoreland, last evening (July 10), residents are calling for intervention to stem the wave of crime in the country.

One man was shot and killed, while two others died after the vehicle which was being driven by him, crashed in to them, as they were standing along a roadway.

The man who was shot and killed has been identified as 46yearold Hopeton Stewart, otherwise called Bogle or Blacks, a farmer of Grange Hill, Westmoreland.

The two people who died after being mowed down have not yet been identified.

Reports are that around 7:30 pm, Stewart was picking up, his girlfriend when a gunman approached him and opened fire hitting him, in the head.

Stewart reportedly sped off in his vehicle, crashing into several people in the process.

The police were alerted and Stewart was found slumped over the steering wheel.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The people he crashed into were also taken to hospital for treatment. It’s reported that two of them later died.

Speaking in an interview with Irie FM News, Stewart’s mother, said her son was a loving and caring individual.

She called for intervention to stem the crime in the country.

Meantime, Stewart’s nephew, said it was heart breaking to hear of his uncle’s killing.

He called for the Prime Minister’s intervention.


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