Residents flee Gregory Park in Portmore, St. Catherine amid flare up of violence

Several residents are leaving the Gregory Park community in Portmore, St. Catherine, amid a flare up of violence.

This morning (August 4), one man was fatally shot, 5 weapons were seized, and at least 10 houses were firebombed.

The man who was shot by the police has not yet been identified.

The incidents took place, despite a curfew in the area.

The curfew was imposed on Tuesday evening, after two houses were firebombed leaving at least 3 people dead.

It is slated to end in a few minutes, at 6 o’clock.

Head of the St. Catherine South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips told Irie FM News that the police will try to help those who lost their homes.

He noted that many residents are leaving the community due to the violence.

SSP Phillips said among those leaving, are criminals.

He assured that the police will work to apprehend criminals where ever they go.

And, the St. Catherine South Police are pleading with residents of Gregory Park to assist lawmen with information, that could help to stem crime and violence in their community.

Gregory Park has been experiencing several flare-ups of violence, which have resulted in several houses being set ablaze by gangsters, shoot-outs between police and gunmen, at least one fatal shooting, and several weapons being seized.

Head of the St. Catherine South Police Division, Senior Superintendent, Christopher Phillips said, the Gregory Park community is an extremely difficult area to police.

He noted, however, that investigations might become easier, if residents are not tight-lipped about criminal activities in the community.


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