Relatives of Donnalee Donaldson stage another protest, calling for her body to be provided

Despite the murder charge laid against a policeman in the case of missing social media influencer Donna-lee Donaldson, some of her relatives say they are still not satisfied with how the investigation is progressing.

Ms. Donaldson’s boyfriend, Police Constable Noel Maitland was charged, yesterday (August 2).

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey noted that Miss Donaldson’s body has not been recovered, but the police believe that she is dead based on their investigations and scientific evidence.

Several protesters gathered this afternoon (August 3), outside the Half Way Tree Police Station in St. Andrew, asking for answers regarding the body.

One of her relatives said the family is still in grief, despite the news of the charge.

She said the family needs closure.

Meanwhile, Donna-lee’s uncle, Neil Lugg expressed dissatisfaction that INDECOM did not carry out the questioning of Constable Maitland as planned.

Yesterday, INDECOM said it would not proceed to interview Mr. Maitland, in light of the murder charge.

However, Mr. Lugg said the interview should have still been conducted.

He also expressed sadness, saying the family does not have concrete proof of Ms. Donaldson’s death.


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