Rasta community alleges breach of rights, following arrest of member and seizure of ganja near Bob Marley Beach

AttorneyatLaw, Dr. Marcus Goffe says there has been a breach of the Rastafari community’s rights, with the seizure and destruction of ganja near the Bob Marley Beach in Bull Bay, St. Thomas, today (October 17).

There is a small Rastafarian community living near the beach.

The area is to be developed and its reported that a hotel is to be constructed.

The residents and the attorney have raised concern about people losing access to the beach, and there was a small protest last Friday (October 14), with residents noting that the plans for the area will displace them and disrupt their livelihood.

Mr. Goffe says one Rastafarian elder was charged today (October 17) after police searched his premises.

He said he will be going to court over the breach.

Meantime, an online petition launched to ensure that the Bob Marley Beach remains a public facility had over eight thousand signatures up to news time.


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