Public sector workers anxious as they await delayed draft agreement from Finance Ministry regarding restructured compensation system

Thousands of public sector workers are reportedly anxious.

They are awaiting the Finance Ministry’s response to a letter submitted by the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU) regarding the restructured compensation system.

Early last month, the JCTU issued a ten-day ultimatum to Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke for him to meet to settle outstanding wage issues.

A meeting was held on Saturday, March 16.

Following that meeting, the Finance Ministry was to submit a draft agreement to the JCTU on Monday, March 19.

There was a delay in the submission of this document.

On receipt of the document, the umbrella union wrote back to the Ministry regarding the agreement.

The JCTU is now awaiting the Ministry’s response to that letter, which according to its President, St. Patrice Ennis is about a week late.

He says the delay is preventing the conclusion of discussions regarding overtime monies, uniforms and transportation, among other issues.

Mr. Ennis told IRIE FM news that this has left many public sector workers on edge.

He said he hopes the matter will be concluded soon.


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