Prime Minister says development of former sugar cane lands in Bernard Lodge will be orderly

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says there will be orderly development of the former sugar cane lands in Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine.

He points out that there is a view that the land should be cut up and given away especially to farmers.

The Prime Minister states that he is not opposed to the idea, as he believes that as part of reparations for sugar and enslavement, government should take an enlightened and proactive approach in ensuring that the average Jamaican gets access to land.

In defending the Bernard Lodge Development Project, Mr. Holness says there is a comprehensive approach to national development and that the government is undertaking developments that are holistic.

Mr. Holness states that the land will be used for housing, agriculture, commerce and education.

He says over one thousand acres will go to farmers and there will also be an agro-park.

Mr. Holness was speaking at a land marking ceremony for the first STEAM Academy being developed by the National Education Trust and the Ministry of Education in Dunbeholden Bernard Lodge St. Catherine.


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