Prime Minister says damage caused by Hurricane Ian will cost gov’t about $360M

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said based on preliminary assessments, the damage caused by Hurricane Ian will cost government about 360 million dollars.

He made the revelation in parliament this afternoon (September 28).

Mr. Holness noted there will be no need for any new allocation.

He said the National Works Agency, NWA already has the funds within its budget and that remedial works, have already begun.

And the Prime Minister stressed that when the gates in the Bog Walk Gorge, in St. Catherine are closed due to flooding, this is to protect citizens.

He was reacting to reports that persons who live beyond the gate, attempted to break the lock as was seen in a video from the NWA.

Speaking in Parliament today, Mr. Holness noted that the gate was eventually breached and left open.

He said such actions will not be tolerated, and that the persons involved will face the full force of the law.

Mr. Holness pointed out that the location of the Bog Walk gate came after consultation and agreement with stakeholders, including residents of the area.

This in the wake of claims that persons who live beyond the gate have complained about how they get home when the gate is closed.

He noted that the residents have access via a pedestrian route.


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