Police to increase monitoring of trucks traversing Spur Tree Hill Main Road following oil spill that led to accidents involving seven vehicles

Head of the St. Elizabeth Police Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto says he will be coordinating with the Manchester Police for more police presence on the spur tree hill main road.

This, after several people were injured in accidents involving seven vehicles along the roadway this morning. 

The collisions, which occurred sometime after 6:00 a.m., were reportedly caused by an oil spill. 

A truck is believed to be the source of the spill. 

Transportation was severely impacted by the spill which the Jamaica Fire Brigade was still working to clean up, despite partial access being restored to the roadway.

Speaking at the scene of the crash, Superintendent Minto said the police will be monitoring trucks traversing the roadway in an effort to ensure they meet regulations.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Minto said a number of students and administrative staff were forced to walk miles to access transportation, due to the incident this morning. 

Principal of Manchester High, Jasford Gabriel confirmed that the school had to send its vehicles to collect some stranded students and staff. 

Meanwhile, Principal of Belair High, Conrad Jones said approximately 30 students at his institution were impacted and missed almost half the days’ sessions. 

And Principal of Decarteret College, Prim Lewis also noted that over 30 students missed the first two sessions of the day at that institution. 


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