Police say yesterday’s stabbing of St. Catherine based high school student linked to prior dispute

Police are reporting that yesterday’s stabbing of a student from a St. Catherine based high school was linked to a prior dispute between two students. 


Reports are that about 2:30 P.M., the boy had just left school, when he was attacked by a group of young men. 


He was rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital where he is being treated. 


Police have listed four persons of interest in relation to the incident. 


Speaking to Irie FM news this morning, Head of the St. Catherine South Police Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips said the incident stemmed from a dispute at the school on Wednesday. 


While he did not confirm if the incident was gang related, he said yesterday’s altercation happened when one of the students brought others into the dispute.


He said police visited the school this morning and will be working to maintain a presence at the institution. 


However, he admitted that this might be challenging with the vast number of primary and secondary schools in the division.



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