Police say investigations into the disappearance of Donnalee Donaldson involves two JCF members

Police say their investigations into the disappearance of a 24-year-old woman involves two members of the force.

Customer Service Representative Donnalee Donaldson, was reported missing last Wednesday.

Her family says she was last seen on Monday July 11.

The allegations are that she was picked up at home, by her boyfriend who is a police constable.

The second officer a district constable has a child with Miss Donaldson’s boyfriend.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey says investigators have not narrowed down a person of interest.

He also says while the policeman has been interviewed, the police woman has refused to give a statement.

DCP Bailey was speaking today at a press conference where he gave an update on the case.

The vehicles of the two officers have been processed and a case review has been done.


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