Police report indicates that 31 people were murdered in the country last week

Some 31 people were murdered in the country last week.

According to the latest police data, 223 murders were committed up to Saturday March 16, compared to the 192 homicides recorded during the week ending Saturday March 9.

This is an increase of 31.

The increase is as a result of a surge in violence across the island, namely sections of Westmoreland such as Grange Hill and Central Village in St. Catherine.

Last Tuesday in Central Village, 4 relatives, including a 4-year-old boy and a teen girl died after their house was set ablaze.

The police are investigating the incident.

Meantime, incidents of rape, robberies and break-ins also increased last week.

Rapes went up by 3, from 54 to 57.

Robberies increased by 9, from 130 to 139.

While break-ins went up by 20 from 146, to 166.

Overall, there were 90 additional reports of serious crimes last week, up to 798 from the 708 recorded the previous week.


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