Police remain undaunted by protests for the re-opening of Little Dunn’s River in St. Ann

Despite protests calling for the re-opening of the Little Dunn’s River property in St. Ann, the police say they are undaunted and will continue to secure the space.

Members of the Ocho Rios Ministers Fraternal this morning (October 3), staged a peaceful protest at the location, calling for dialogue with the Urban Development Corporation, UDC, to determine actions to be taken to facilitate the reopening of the property.

The UDC had advised in September that it was restricting access to the property, as it supported the police’s efforts to manage public safety.

This followed a killing at a section of the property in late August. Police had expressed fear of reprisal and wanted persons to stay away.

Responding to this morning’s protest, Acting Head of the St. Ann Police, Superintendent David White, said the lawmen will continue to police the space to secure it from criminals.

Meanwhile, the UDC says it has noted the concerns of protesters, regarding the closure of the property, and wishes to remind the public that while the property falls within the remit of the corporation, it is not a licensed beach.

The corporation urged persons to cooperate with it on the matter as it seeks to protect the health and safety of the general public.


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