Police probing debit card skimming which impacted JN Bank customers in St. Thomas

Police have launched an investigation into the unauthorized withdrawal of funds from the bank accounts of some 19 Jamaica National (JN) Bank customers in Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

The transactions, reported from unknown Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-of-Sale (POS) machines took place from January 6 to 9. 

In a release today, the bank said preliminary findings indicate that this occurred via card skimming. This is a form of fraud where criminals capture data from a bank card, which they use to create a duplicate card.

They commonly do this by affixing devices at ATMs and on POS machines that can ‘read’ the card.

The bank said investigations so far have confirmed that the breach did not occur at a JN bank ATM or any of its POS machines.

The bank noted however that it is in dialogue with other financial institutions, which are also investigating.

The police said they are aware of fraudulent activities at ATMs in Morant Bay.

JN Bank said it is moving expeditiously with its investigations into the incidents in keeping with policies and procedures.


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