Police identify 15 y/o Irwin High student fatally stabbed by schoolmate

The police have released the identity of the Irwin High School student who was fatally stabbed by one of his schoolmates in St. James, yesterday. 

Dead is 15-year-old Raniel Plummer.

Reports from the Montego Bay Police are that Raniel and a 14 year old student had an altercation whilst at school. 

About 3:00 p.m., Raniel was allegedly approached by the said student along with a group of boys, who attacked him. 

During the altercation, a knife was used to stab Raniel in the chest.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, Head of the Police’s Communication Unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay told Irie FM News that the police were seeking the student responsible for the attack.

Up to news time, he had still not been found.

Noting that this incident comes amidst an ongoing feud involving several corporate area schools, which left at least one student with stab wounds, SSP Lindsay said the police are working with stakeholders to address the issue of violence in schools.


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