Police call on security companies that offer courier services to review their operations

The St. Catherine South Police are calling on security companies that offer courier services to review their operations, following this morning’s multi-million-dollar robbery in which three security guards were shot, one of them fatally.


Senior Superintendent of Police for the division Christopher Phillips says recent robberies across Jamaica should also be viewed as a warning that businesses should ramp up their security measures.


The thieves who carried out the robbery at the Jamaica National Bank in Portmore Pines, reportedly made off with some 10 million Jamaican dollars.


SSP Phillips said all stakeholders in the business sector whether private or public should work towards improving their safety systems.


He was speaking to reporters today at the scene of the attack.


Meanwhile, counselling is being provided to Jamaica National Bank employees and members who were at the Portmore Pines branch in St. Catherine this morning, when gunmen attacked security personnel, delivering cash to the location.


No bank employee was physically harmed during the incident which occurred about 9:00 a.m.


Managing Director of the bank Leesa Kow says she is deeply saddened by the incident.



Speaking at the scene of the attack, Head of the St. Catherine South Police Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips confirmed that some of the staff and other surrounding business people were shaken up by the incident.



The bank branch was closed to the public following the incident.



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