Police arrest St. Ann man allegedly linked to an ongoing scam impersonating Government Minister Daryl Vaz

The police have arrested a St. Ann man, believed to be linked to an ongoing scam being carried out by persons impersonating Government Minister Daryl Vaz.

The scammers have fleeced millions from people.

The police say the latest suspect was arrested after they launched an investigation into an incident involving the owner of a hotel in Portland which occurred between January 09 and 10. 

The businessman was reportedly approached by the imposter, claiming to be the assistant of Minister Vaz and later identifying as Mr. Reynolds, a customs officer. 

The imposter reportedly offered the complainant an opportunity to purchase two Toyota Prado motor vehicles, and asked for a payment of $2.5 million, for customs duty and storage fees. 

The police say the businessman subsequently consulted minister vaz to confirm the fraudulent nature of the scheme. 

The police were alerted and a sting operation was conducted, leading to the arrest of a 31-year-old auto mechanic from Draxhall, St. Ann, when he attempted to collect the money. 

The suspect is being detained at the Denham Town lock-up for obtaining money by false pretense as the investigation progresses to determine the full scope of this fraudulent operation. 

Meanwhile, Minister Vaz says he intends to continue assisting the police in their probe and to include international authorities if necessary, to bring the matter to a close. 


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