PNP member Lisa Hanna leaving representational politics

South East St. Ann Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna has announced that she is leaving representational politics.

Ms. Hanna who is a member of the People’s National Party, PNP made the revelation in a statement this afternoon (August 9).

She has advised Opposition Leader and President of the PNP Mark Golding of her decision.

Ms. Hanna said that she will not be offering herself as a candidate for the PNP when the next general election is called.

In a letter to Mr. Golding dated today August 9, Ms. Hanna detailed that she has always been a champion of change and having the courage to do what’s right and as such, she has decided to conclude her journey in representational politics at the end of this term.

She said she remains available at Mr. Golding’s consideration for the shadow cabinet as Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Ms. Hanna entered politics in 2007, a move which she said changed her life immensely as it allowed her to serve Jamaican in another capacity.

The South East St. Ann MP stated that over the last fifteen years, she has found this experience quite satisfying serving as member of parliament, cabinet minister, on the national scene, and at the party level as regional chairman and treasurer.

She stated that the PNP has always been the party with a heart, the people’s party that is in touch with the grassroots and committed to ensuring no Jamaican is left behind.

However, she added that for any organisation to survive and be relevant to successive global environments and markets, it must be responsive and change with the times, seeking modern approaches to getting things done.

This she said does not mean changing core principles, mission, or value proposition but rather, embracing modern communication, applying its principles to 21st-century challenges, empowering the next generation, and, most importantly, attracting and retaining the right talents to get the job done.

Ms. Hanna added that she is and will always remain grateful to the PNP, and wishes Mr. Golding the very best as he leads the movement towards victory at the polls and the formation of the next government.



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