PNP General Secretary defends party’s selection of Dr. Alfred Dawes as SE St. Catherine candidate

General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Dr. Dayton Campbell has sought to defend the selection of Dr. Alfred Dawes as the candidate for South East St. Catherine.


This, following yesterday’s protest by supporters in the constituency who believe that Dr. Dawes’ candidacy will not serve the PNP well in the next general elections.


Some PNP supporters believe that another aspiring member of parliament, Alrick Campbell should have been selected.


In response, Dr. Campbell notes that Dr. Dawes’ candidacy has been backed by the polls and that his selection was made according to the party’s constitution.



Dr. Campbell is hopeful that the constituents will support the party’s decision.

Meantime, MP aspirant for South East St. Catherine, Alrick Campbell said the PNP’s use of reserved powers in the selection of Dr. Alfred Dawes as candidate has left his campaign team stunned.


In a release this morning, Mr. Campbell noted that in the past party leaders have used the reserved powers only as a last resort of decision-making to sway candidacy in a preferred direction.


According to Mr. Campbell, public polls show that he and Dr. Dawes were neck and neck at 29 per cent in voter intention against the Jamaica Labour Party’s MP.


He also noted that he was ahead of Dr. Dawes in favourability by 5 per cent.


In light of the polls, among other observations throughout the campaign, Mr. Campbell said his team was preparing for the next stage of the selection conference, where all party members would be given the chance to select their choice.


He noted that despite having great respect for the party’s leaders he could admit to feeling wronged by the use of the reserved powers, at this point in the process.


Dr. Campbell said he believes that his team and the constituents of South East St. Catherine have been denied a true democratic opportunity.




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