Pan Africanist Bert Samuels again calls for gov’t to make Garveyism compulsory in schools

As Jamaica and the African diaspora, celebrate the birthday of Marcus Garvey today (August 17), yet another call is being made for the Education Ministry to include his teachings and philosophies, in the compulsory school curriculum.

Pan Africanist Bert Samuels said its important that Garvey’s legacy is kept alive and one way of doing this, is by ensuring that future generations learn about Garvey and adopt his lessons.

Mr. Samuels noted that Garvey’s influence and impact encompass far more than black identity and pride.

He said part of the reason Garveyism should be compulsory, is to mold young black people, into accepting and loving themselves.

He added that aside from being included in the school curriculum, Garvey’s teachings can be passed down through documentaries and monuments.

Mr. Samuels will be one of the keynote speakers this Sunday (August 21), at Irie FM‘s tribute to Marcus Garvey, Jamaica’s first national hero.

Preparations are in high gear for the event which will be staged in the Irie FM Courtyard.

This year’s theme is “Time Come, Remove the Queen and all Remnants of Colonialism.”


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