Opposition urges Finance Minister to prioritize wage talks with public sector workers

The Opposition is urging Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke to prioritize wage talks with public sector workers.

Since the restructuring of the compensation system began, several public sector groups have expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of the wage talks, resulting in a number of their members taking industrial action.

Some trade unions representing the workers have also expressed difficulty in securing meetings with Dr. Clarke.

This has caused many of the public sector workers to be restive, and at least one group has issued an ultimatum to the government.

Earlier this month, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, JCTU, wrote a letter to Dr. Clarke issuing a ten-day ultimatum for him to meet with the group to settle several issues. 

The minister then promised the union a formal response.

In his contribution to the Budget Debate in parliament this afternoon, Opposition Spokesman on Finance Julian Robinson appealed to Dr. Clarke to meet with the disgruntled workers.

He said among the many vexed issues, is the compensation for travelling officers.


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