Opposition counters claims from the PSOJ about a lack of consensus on crime

The Opposition has countered claims from the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, PSOJ, about a lack of consensus, as it relates to how the country deals with the crime problem.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding was asked today (September 20), about consensus between the government and opposition, on crime fighting.

This followed a statement from the PSOJ, which noted its call for the political leaders to come to a consensus on the short-term crime strategies, which are to be captured in the enhanced security measures act, so that the relevant entities can contain violent crimes.

The PSOJ said it has not seen any vale royal talks, nor has the public been advised of any “behind closed doors conversations” to move towards a consensus.

Mr. Golding stated that since the vale royal talks earlier this year, there has been no follow up meeting.

He emphasised that the only issue on which it has not agreed with the government, is the use of states of emergency, as a policing tool.


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