Opposition calls on Transport Minister to intervene in dispute at Transport Authority

Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips is calling on portfolio Minister Audley Shaw, to intervene in the dispute at the Transport Authority which has reportedly led to staff being restive for more than two days.

Earlier this week, several staff members staged protests at the authority’s offices in Kingston and Montego Bay, objecting to the impending departure of Acting Managing Director Willard Hylton.

The disgruntled workers claim that Mr. Hylton is being forced out of office.

The Transport Authority has, however denied the claims, noting that Mr. Hylton wrote a letter signalling his intent to leave, by month end.

Several taxi groupings, including the National Council of Taxi Associations NCOTA, and the Hackney Carriage Association, have called for Mr. Hylton to be reinstated and for the Transport Minister to intervene.

Mr. Phillips has echoed the call for intervention.

He said the involvement of public transport operators in the matter, shows the magnitude of the situation.


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