Opposition calls for audit of SCJ Holdings

Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture Lothan Cousins has called for an audit of the SCJ Holdings, following allegations of changes in land use, for sections of Innswood, in St. Catherine.

The government has since stated that the claims are false.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday (September 7) Mr. Cousins expressed concerns about the matter.

His comments in the Lower House were sharply rebutted by Government Minister Robert Morgan, who pointed out that the house was being misled.

Mr. Cousins said the lack of transparency is leading to confusion.

The Board Chairman and Managing Director of the SCJ Holdings are 2 different persons and not the same man, as suggested by Mr. Cousins.

In response to the concerns raised by his opposition counterpart, Agriculture Minister Pearnel Charles Junior has sought to assure that the government is focused on food production and security.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mr. Charles Junior sympathized with Opposition Spokesman Lothan Cousins, who, he said like many others in the public space, was misled by false information.

The Minister said the lands held by SCJ Holdings are meant for agricultural use.


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